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ID:100 Mary Ann Benbow (Allen) 1854-
Gaz's 2nd Great Grandmother
Birth    10th February 1854  Dudley, Staffordshire
Dudley, Staffordshire
10th or 18th Feb 1854 - Birth of Mary Ann Benbow who was christened at St Thomas's Church, Dudley on 26 March 1854 
1861 census for 'Wellington Road, Dudley'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
William Benbow Head                Married  48         1813      Male        Dudley, Worcs               
Margaret Benbow Daughter   11 1850 Female Dudley, Worcs               
Sarah Benbow Daughter   8 1853 Female Dudley, Worcs               
Mary Benbow Daughter   6 1855 Female Dudley, Worcs               
John Benbow Son   1 1860 Male Dudley, Worcs               
Jane Benbow Boarder   23 1838 Female Dudley, Worcs              Housekeeper
Fanny Dark Boarder   18 1843 Female Dudley, Worcs               
11th April 1873 - Birth of son, Charles Allen in Dudley, who was christened at St Thomas in Dudley on 1st May 1873.
11th May 1874 - Marriage of Charles Allen and Mary Ann Benbow at St Thomas in Dudley, Worcestershire.
Above: St Thomas's Parish Church , Dudley.
17th June 1875 - Birth of Edward Allen.
Edward Allen was born at 25 Dock Lane, Dudley.
He was the second son of Charles Henry and Mary Ann Allen nee Benbow.
2 October 1877 -  Birth of William
William Allen was born  in  Dudley.
He was the third son of Charles Henry and Mary Ann Allen nee Benbow.
2nd Dec 1880 - Birth of James Allen
Edward Allen was born Dudley.
He was the fourth son of Charles Henry and Mary Ann Allen nee Benbow. He was christenened at St. Thomas' in Dudley on 29th December 1880.
Around 1880, there is a newspaper clipping about the brothers and sisters appearing at Dudley Police Court after a fight broke out between the brothers.
Transcript: DUDLEY POLICE COURT – Monday 
Before J Stokes (Mayor), W. William and C.Cochrane, Regrs 
A DISGRACEFUL AFFAIR – Charles Allen, Vauxhall Street, was charged with assaulting Sarah Benbow (his sister in law), on the 2nd inst. 
-Complainant stated that the defendant struck her because she endeavoured to prevent him and his brother (William), from fighting. The defendants wife also struck her (Mary Ann, her sister). The defendant admitted the offence, but urged inextenuation that the complainant struck him in the first instance. The row began in Darbys public house in Dock Lane, where he and his brother had been drinking ‘quart to quart’ and at last when it came to his brothers turn to pay he refused, which led to words between them. – In reply to Mr Barradale the defendant stated that he had spent 2s 6d for ale, and when the row began the landlord turned him and his brother out of the house. – Margaret Rutter, sister to the complainant said her sister struck the defendant in the first instance, and that was before they were turned out of the public house. She did not see what took place in the street, nor did she know how her sister came by the black eye. By the Mayor:- She saw her sister lying upon her back in a fit in the street. Did not see anyone strike her. The mayor said it was very disgraceful on her part to come and give such evidence against her sister. Witness: I came here to speak the truth. The mayor said although the defendant would go and spend such a lot of money on beer he did not suppose he had five shillings worth of furniture in his house. In his opinion the defendant was a disgrace to his country. He dared say the defendants house was more like a pig stye than anything else, and the landlord who would permit men to spend so much in his house was worse than the defendant. He was sorry he had not the power to put an end to such conduct. As the defendant had so much money to spend on beer he would endeavour to see how much he had to get him out of that difficulty. He would fine him 10s. and costs, in default 14 days imprisonment. The defendant : ‘Thankyou Sir, not a copper will I pay, Sir’. – In reply to a question from the mayor the complainant said she lived with the defendants brother at 28 Vauxhall Street. The Mayor: ‘I will go and call round there’.
3 April 1881 - The 1881 census for '28, Vauxhall Street, Dudley'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
Charles Allen      Head                29        1852      Male        Kidderminster, Worcs Bricklayers Labourer
Mary Allen Wife 28 1853 Female Dudley, Worcs  
Charles Allen Son 9 1872 Male Dudley, Worcs Scholar
Edward Allen Son 6 1875 Male Dudley, Worcs Scholar
William Allen Son 3 1878 Male Dudley, Worcs  
James Allen Son 4 mths 1880 Male Dudley, Worcs  
Apr-Jun 1884 - Birth of Mark Henry
Birth registration of Mark Henry Allen in Dudley, Staffs
1888 - Birth of son John Thomas
5th April 1891 - 1891 Census for 'Lawley Street, Dudley'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation
Charles Allen      Head                41        1850       Male       Worcester, Worcs Bricklayers Labourer
Mary A Allen Wife 39 1852 Female Dudley, Worcs  
Edward A Allen Son 16 1875 Male Dudley, Worcs Coal Miner
William Allen Son 14 1877 Male Dudley, Worcs Iron Moulder
James Allen Son 10 1881 Male Dudley, Worcs  
Mark Allen Son 8 1883 Male Dudley, Worcs  
John Allen Son 4 1887 Male Dudley, Worcs  
31st March 1901 - 1891 Census for '47, Flood Street, Dudley'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation                                  
Charles H Allen  Head                54        1847       Male       Stourport, Worcs     Bricklayers Labourer
Mary Ann Allen Wife 55 1846 Female Dudley, Worcs Pedlar /Hawker (own business)
Mark H Allen Son 19 1882 Male Dudley, Worcs Bricklayers Labourer
John T Allen Son 14 1887 Male Dudley, Worcs Brass Dresser