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ID:1100 Allen Seager 1854-
Lisa's 4th Great Uncle
Birth    1854 Rough Hills, Wolverhampton
Death YOD Place of Death
20th February 1854- Birth of Allen Seagar at Rough Hills, Wolverhampton, Staffs.
1861 Census for 'Four House Row, Rough Hills, Wolverhampton' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
Edward Seagar       Head               Married      55        1806        Male       Wolverhampton         Coal Miner               
Dinah Seagar Wife Married 50 1811 Female Wolverhampton              
Thomas Seagar Son   21 1840 Male       Darlaston  
Isiah Seagar Son   19 1842 Male       Darlaston  
Ruth Seagar Daughter   17 1844 Female Wolverhampton              
John Seagar Son   16 1845 Male       Wolverhampton              
Susannah Seagar Daughter   14 1847 Female Wolverhampton              
Elizabeth Seagar Daughter   12 1849 Female Rough Hills  
Harriet Seagar Daughter   10 1851 Female Rough Hills  
George Seager Son   8 1853 Male Rough Hills  
Alen Seager Son   7 1854 Male Rough Hills