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ID:1161 Gleniss Roberts 1908-
Lisa's 1st Cousin 2x removed
Birth    15 APR 1908 Brownhills
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Ellen Tolley-Williams 1879- /ID:900
Father    George Roberts (b.1887)/ID:1158
15 April 1908 - Birth of  Gleniss John Roberts in Brownhills, Staffs 
1911 Census for 'Foxs Row, Watling Street, Brownhills, Staffordshire'
Relationship Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                 Occupation               
George Roberts             Head            Married      24         1887       Male       Brownhills, Staffs         Coal Miner Hewer   
Ellen Roberts Wife Married      32 1879 Female Ogley Hay, Staffs  
Joseph William Roberts Son
9 1902 Male       Brownhills, Staffs         School
George Roberts Son
7 1904 Male       Brownhills, Staffs         School
Gleniss John Roberts Son
2 1909 Male       Brownhills, Staffs          
William Thomas Roberts Son
1 1910 Male       Brownhills, Staffs          
Reuben Tolley Boarder
Single 42 1869 Male       Brownhills, Staffs         Coal Miner Hewer