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ID :1218 James Barlow 1883-1948
Gaz's 1st cousin 3x removed
Birth    1883 Whitelow Brooks, Staffordshire
Death Jan 1948 Derby
1891 Census for ' Morrilow Heath, Leigh, Staffordshire'
Relationship Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                     Occupation               
Robert Barlow                Head              Married 34          1857       Male        Derbyshire                       Stone Mason
Elizabeth Ann Barlow Wife Married    34 1857 Female Blythe Marsh, Staffs  
Kate Margaret Kin Barlow Daughter   11 1880 Female Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
John Fred Barlow Son   10 1881 Male Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
James Barlow Son   8 1883 Male Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
Sam Barlow Son   6
1885 Male Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
Jessie Barlow Son   3 1888 Male Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
Lizzie Annie Barlow Daughter   1 1890 Female Wheatlow Brooks, Staffs  
Death of father, Robert Barlow in Uttoxeter, Staffs
4 Feb 1937 - Death and burial of mother Elizabeth Annie Barlow at Doveridge, Derbyshire