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ID:1248 Mary Ann Pye (Barlow) 1882-1962
Gaz's 2nd Great Uncles wife
ID: 1248 Mary Ann Pye (Barlow) 1882-1962
Gaz's 2nd Great Uncles wife
Wife of
ID:67 John Thomas Barlow 1883-1959
Gaz's 2nd Great Uncle
Birth    11 Aug 1882 Place of Birth
Death 30 June 1962 Groundslow Hospital, Tittensor, Staffs
Brother of
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
ID:73 Mabel Barlow (Myatt)1894-1962
Gaz's Great Grandmother
Mother of
ID:480 Joyce Myatt 1925-L
Gaz’s Paternal Grandmother
Mother of
ID:285  Roy J Greatrix 1948-L
Gaz's Father
Father of
ID:280 Gareth R L G Greatrix 1972-L
Lisa's Husband

1915 - Marriage of John Thomas Barlow and Mary Ann Pye in Stafford, Staffordshire.
1939 Registry for Hixon, Staffordshire'
Status        DOB             Gender   Occupation               
John T Barlow                Married     12/11/1883  Male        Iron Machinist
Mary A Barlow Married 11/08/1882 Female  UDD
14 September 1959 - Death of  husband, John Thomas Barlow in Stafford. His probate states his address as Fernleigh, 52 Marston Road, Stafford and beneficiarys are Harry Coulson, farmer and wife, Mary Ann Barlow, widow. Effects £232
30 June 1962- Death of Mary Ann Barlow at Groundslow Hospital, Tittensor, Staffs. The probate lists her address Rose Cottage, Hixon, Staffs and the beneficiary was Harry Coulson, farmer £733