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ID:1258 Eric H Wood 1928-
Gaz's 1st cousin 2x removed
Birth    27 December 1928
Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
1939 Registry for 2, Sockerton Cottages, Barlaston Old Road, Stoke on Trent , Staffordshire'
Status        DOB             Gender   Occupation               
George Wood                Married     28/02/1887  Male        Horseman on Farm
Emily B Wood Married 10/07/1890
Female UDD
Reginald G Wood Single 07/03/1914 Male
Jeffrey J Wood Single 26/12/1914 Male Builders Labourer
Hugh D Wood Single 06/04/1917 Male Cowman
Closed Record        
Eric H Wood
27/12/1928 Male At School
Charles W Wood   12/03/1930 Male At School