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ID:1268 Dorothy Beard 1751-
Lisa's 6th Gr Grandmother
Birth    YOB    Shareshill, Staffs
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
Children  Walter Horton (b.1772)/ID:328
  Elizabeth Horton (b.1774)
  Dorothy Horton (b.1775)
  Solomon Horton (b.1776)
  Jane Horton (b.1777)
  Elizabeth Horton (b.1779)
  John Horton (b.1780)
  Thomas Horton (b.1783)
  Joseph Horton (b.1785)
  William Horton (b.1787)
  Joseph Horton (b.1789)
  Samuel Horton (b.1792)
12 August 1772 - Marriage of Dorothy Beard and Soloman Horton at St Mary & Luke , Shareshill, Staffordshire. Witness was Hannah Cresswell & James Bott.