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ID:127 Harriet Bird 1839-
Lisa’s 4th Great Aunt
Birth    1839 Whittington, Staffs
Death YOD Place of Death
24 July 1839 - Baptism of  Harriet Bird at St Giles, Whittington, Staffordshire.
1841 Census for 'Whittington, Staffordshire'
Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation               
Thomas Bird                  34          1807       Male       Staffordshire            Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Bird 34 1807 Female Staffordshire  
Thomas Bird 8 1833 Male Staffordshire  
Jane Bird 4 1837 Female Staffordshire  
Harriet Bird 2 1839 Female Staffordshire  
1851 Census for 'Huddlesford, Whittington, Staffordshire'
Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                Occupation               
Thomas Bird                  Head       48           1803      Male       Streethay,Staffs        Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Bird Wife 48 1803
Female Whittington, Staffs  
Charles Bird Son 25 1826 Male Whittington, Staffs Agricultural Labourer
Jane Bird Sons Wife 21 1830 Female Greasley, Derbyshire  
Harriet Bird Daughter 11 1840 Female Whittington, Staffs  
Mary Bird Daughter 9 1842 Female Whittington, Staffs  
1861 Census for 'Parsonage, Thornes,Stonnall, Staffordshire'
Status        Condition  Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation               
James Downes              Head         Married      57         1804      
Male        Birmingham, Warks Incumbent of Stonnall
Maria Downes Wife Married 54 1807 Female
Goscote, Staffs  
Eleanor Downes Daughter Single 29 1832 Female Burton-on-Trent, Staffs  
James Charles Downes Son
15 1846 Male Stonnall, Staffs  
Maria Elizabeth Downes Daughter
12 1849 Female Stonnall, Staffs  
Clara Adelaide Downes Daughter   11 1850 Female Stonnall, Staffs  
Harriet Bird Servant Single 24 1837 Female Whittington, Staffs Domestic Servant
Mary Ann Parr Servant Single 14 1847 Female Stonnall, Staffs Domestic Servant
Charles Jenns Servant Single 18 1843 Male Birmingham, Warks Domestic Servant