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ID:1271 Elizabeth Walker (Micklewright)1806-1852
Gaz's 4th Great Grandfathers 2nd wife
Birth    1806 Forton, Staffordshire
Death 1852 Wolverhampton
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
Father    Daniel Walker abt. 1780 /ID:1282
Children  Emma Walker (b.1839)/ID:1281
On 27th May 1841, Andrew married Elizabeth, daughter of Daniel Walker at Forton in Staffordshire.
1841 Census for 'Forton, Staffordshire'
Age       Est  YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation               
Andrew Micklewright     30         1811       Male         Staffordshire                 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Micklewright 35 1806 Female Staffordshire  
Harriet Micklewright 8 1833 Female Staffordshire  
Mary Micklewright 6 1835 Female Staffordshire  
Emma Walker 2 1839 Female Staffordshire  
On 27th May 1841,Elizabeth married Andrew Micklewright, at Forton in Staffordshire.
In 1845, the couple had a son, Samuel, together at Adbaston, Stafford. He was christened on 22nd June.
The couple had another son, William, born in Wednesfield. He was baptised on 6th Feb 1848.
1851 Census for 'Nine Elms, Wednesfield, Staffordshire'
Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                Occupation               
Andrew Micklewright     Married     45          1806       Male       Wednesfield, Staffs    Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Micklewright Married 50 1801 Female Wednesfield, Staffs    
Thomas Micklewright   20 1831 Male Wednesfield, Staffs   Stonemason
Emma Micklewright   12 1839 Female Wednesfield, Staffs   Scholar
Samuel Micklewright   6 1845 Male Wednesfield, Staffs    
William Micklewright   3 1848 Male Wednesfield, Staffs    
We are pretty certain that Elizabeth died in 1852.