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ID:1272 Samuel Micklewright 1845-1924
Gaz;s 4th Great Uncle
Birth    1845 Tunstall, Stafford
Death 1924  North Birmingham
Children  Mary Ann Micklewright (b.1871)/ID:1312
  Elizabeth Micklewright (b.1872)/ID:1313
  Caroline Micklewright (b.1873)/ID:1314
  Emily Micklewright (b.1875)/ID:1315
  Joseph Micklewright (b.1877)/ID:1316
  Clara Micklewright (b.1880)/ID:1317
Samuel Micklewright was born in June 1845. He was the son of Andrew Micklewright and Elizabeth Micklewright nee Walker. He had older half brothers and sisters as his father was previously widowed and his mother had a child, Emma who was 6 yers older than Samuel. He was born in Tunstall, Staffordshire but his fmily moved to Wednesfield shortly after his birth.
1851 Census for 'Nine Elms, Wednesfield, Staffordshire'
Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                Occupation               
Andrew Micklewright     Married     45          1806       Male       Wednesfield, Staffs    Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Micklewright Married 50 1801 Female Wednesfield, Staffs    
Thomas Micklewright   20 1831 Male Wednesfield, Staffs   Stonemason
Emma Micklewright   12 1839 Female Wednesfield, Staffs   Scholar
Samuel Micklewright   6 1845 Male Wednesfield, Staffs    
William Micklewright   3 1848 Male Wednesfield, Staffs    
Sadly his mother died in 1852. We have been unable to find an 1861 census for Samuel as yet.
In 1869 Samuel married Mary Dobson at Wolverhampton. His address is Gough Street, Wolverhampton.
His first child, Mary Ann was born in 1871 
In 1871 the couple lived at 70 Matthew Street , Wolverhampton.Samuel was an Iron Worker. There daughter Mary Ann was 11 months old. The Southwick family boarded with them.
The couple had a second daughter Elizabeth in 1872 . We can see from the census that the family moved to Wigan in Lancashire in about 1872-1873 where daughter Caroline was born in 1873. Emily was born in 1875 and son Joseph was born in 1877.The family returned to Wolverhampton between 1877 and 1880 and their final child Clara was born in 1880.

In 1881 the family lived at Court 2, Shipton Street, Wolverhampton. Samuel, now 35 was an Iron Mill Furnaceman. The census shows that their was some relationship between the Walkers and Dobsons . Samuels mother had been a Walker and Mary his wife was a Dobson so this may have been how they met.
In 1883 Samuels wife Mary passed away.
In September 1888 Samuels attended his daughter, Marys Anns wedding at Bordesley, Warwickshire. She married Henry Blower, 35, a widower.
In 1891 Samuel, now widowed and his children continued to live at Shipton Street. They were lodging with Richard and Ann Walker at No.10.  We are not sure which relative Maud was at the moment. Clara was actually 12 on the census not 72 as transcribed!
In 1901, this is the only census that we could find matching Samuel . He is a boarder living at the house of widow, Selina Ravenscroft in Handsworth. As well as her neice, Selina Evans , a James Beddow is also a boarder there. Although Samuel is listed as born in Wolverhampton, this would tie in with his previous residence and he is a general labourer. His age ties in and there are no other censuses available for him so presume this is the correct census.

Very sadly, the next census we have for Samuel shows him at Kings Norton Union Workhouse at Selly Oak, near Birmingham. 
It details him quite accurately as being born in Tunstall and a former furnaceman. It also ties in with the previous census in Handsworth. It is very sad that Samuel ended up there in his latter years. 
This is the most likely death registration for Samuel, who we think died in 1924 at 79 and whose death was registered at North Birmingham.