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Updated: 23/01/21
ID:1408 Joseph Thomas Bentley 1903-
Lisa's 1st cousin 3x removed
Birth    1903 Ogley Hay, Brownhills, Staffordshire
Death YOD Place of Death
1903 - Birth of  Joseph Thomas Bentley at Ogley Hay, Staffordshire.
1911  Census for '21 Mill Road, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation                  
Joseph Bentley  Head                 Married 59        1852       Male        Glasgow, Scotland Gas Worker Labourer
Eliza Bentley Wife Married 45 1866 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
William Bentley Son   23 1888 Male Brownhills, Staffs Coal Miner Pony Driver
Elizabeth Bentley Daughter   17 1894 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Isabella Bentley Daughter   13 1898 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Violet Bentley Daughter   11 1900 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Joseph Bentley Son   8 1903 Male Brownhills, Staffs
Shirley Chetwynd Boarder Married 21 1890 Male Dordon, Staffs Coal  Miner Loader
Sarah Ann Chetwynd Boarder Married 19 1892 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Winifred Alice Chetwynd Daughter   4 mths 1911 Female Chesterton, Staffs  
1939 Registry for '14,  Mill Road, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire'
DOB            Status       Gender   Occupation                  
Tom Brookes                     27/09/1890 Married  Male        Coal Miner Stallman
Isabella Brookes 03/12/1897
Married Female House wife
Undisclosed Record        
Jean Brookes 22/11/1924 Single Female Factory Hand
Joseph Bentley 01/05/1903 Single Male Coal Miner Loader
Joseph Bentley 03/12/1852 Widowed Male Retired OAP