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ID:1437 Thomas Barlow 1922-1981
Gaz's 1st cousin 2x removed
Birth    22 June 1922 Place of Birth
Death 9 July 1981 Hixon, Staffs
1939 Registry for The Haven, Hixon, Staffordshire'
Status        DOB             Gender   Occupation               
Wilfred J Barlow            Married      06/04/1888 Male        Greengrocer            
Wilfred J Barlow Single 06/10/1917 Male
Heavy Goods Driver
Thomas Barlow Single 22/06/1922 Male Greengrocer (Helping Father)
Harriet A Barlow Married 25/01/1888 Female Housewife
Sarah J Elsmore Single 27/03/1861 Female Retired
9th July 1981 - Death of Thomas Barlow at Hixon, Staffordshire. Thomas is buried with his mother and father at Hixon Churchyard.