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Updated: 23/01/21
ID:1519 Rose I Bentley (Hill) 1927-
Lisa's 2nd cousin 2x removed
Birth    06/03/1927 Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
1939 Registry for '23, Ogley Crescent, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire'
DOB             Status       Gender   Occupation                  
William Bentley                  10/08/1887 Married     Male        Colliery Hewer Below
Annie Bentley 11/11/1885 Married Female Household Duties
May H Bentley 12/05/1915 Single
Female Machine Hand at Factory
Joseph S Bentley 22/06/1916 Single Male Colliery Stall Driver
Joan M Bentley 23/05/1924 Single Female Feeding Machine Clave
Winnifred Bentley 12/08/1924 Single Female Factory Hand
Undisclosed Record        
Rose I Bentley 06/03/1927
Single Female At School
Undisclosed Record        
Dorothy Knight 18/02/1929 Single
Female At School