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ID:1697 Isaac Blewitt 1817-1884
Lisa's 4th Great Grandmothers husband
Birth    1817 Sedgley, Staffs
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
Spouse   Maria Beddows (b.1820)
Children  Mary A Blewitt (b.1838)
  Enoch Blewitt (b.1842)
  James Blewitt (b.1845)
  Emma Blewitt (b.1847)
  Isaac Blewitt (b.1849)
  Thomas Blewitt (b.1851)
  William Blewitt (b.1854)
  Jonas Blewitt (b.1855)
  George Blewitt (b.1857)
  Ann Maria Blewitt (b.1860)
  Arthur Blewitt (b.1861)
16th April 1837 - Marriage of Maria Beddows and Isaac Blewitt at Dudley, Worcestershire
15 December 1871 - Death of wife, Maria .
5th February 1877 - Marriage of Sarah Marklew and Isaac Blewitt at St Peters in Hednesford. 
3rd April 1881- 1881 Census for 'Green Heath, Cannock Staffordshire'  
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                 Occupation           
Isaac Blewitt                  Head                65        1816       Male       Sedgeley, Staffs          Coal Labourer/Miner
Sarah Blewitt Wife 65 1816 Female Norton Canes, Staffs  
George Blewitt Son 24 1857 Male Oldbury Coal Labourer/Miner
4th May 1884 - Death if Isaac Blewitt at Hednesford, Staffordshire. We presume Isaac must have died of illness rather than accident as he made his last will and testament below on 3rd April 1884.