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ID: 1723 Margaret Sunderland (Poxon)1814-
Lisa's 5th Great Aunt
Birth    1815 Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Catherine Brindley (b.1775)/ID:1722
Father    Thomas Sunderland (b.1764)/ID:1709
Children  Thomas Poxon (b.1848)/ID:2711
  Elijah Poxon (b.1851)/ID:2712
  Samuel Poxon (b.1853)/ID:2713
  Levi Poxon (b.1856)/ID:2714
  Kitty Poxon (b.1860)/ID:2715
  Henry Poxon (b.1865)/ID:2716
16 October 1814 - Baptism of  Margaret Sunderland at St James, Norton Canes, Staffs
17th November 1834  - Marriage of  Margaret Sunderland and George Poxon at St James, Norton Canes, Staffs