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ID:2060 William Noding 1845-
Lisa's 1st cousin 5x removeds husband
Birth    1845 Gravesend, Kent
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
23 March 1871 - William 'Fighting Bill' Nodding is  charged with assaulting and wounding George Langston in an organised fight.
1871 Census for '23, Palmers Folly, St George In The East, Tower Hamlets'
Relationship Status    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation               
William Noding  Head                             25       1846       Male        Gravesend, Kent           Ropemaker?    
Rosina Noding Wife   23 1848 Female London      
Zilpha Noding Daughter   6 1865 Female London      
William Noding Son   3 1868 Male London      
Mary Noding Daughter   9mths 1870 Female London      
Lucy Sams Boarder   19 1852 Female London Unfortunate    
in 1881, a William Nodding, serving a 5-year sentence for burglary, escaped from Chelmsford gaol. I don’t know if this is the same man, though.* 
Apparently, at one point a PC was stationed outside the Noddings’ premises in Station Place to warn unwary sailors against entering.
In 1884, Bill was sentenced to 5 years for stealing a quantity of tea from the docks. The court calendar shows a previous conviction for stealing a parrot
14 January 1873 - Marriage of Rosina Scott to William Noding at St Johns Church, Bethnal Green.
15 December 1890 - England & Wales Criminal Register
Article (left) relating to the above crimes was published on 4th January 1891. 
1901 Census for '4 ,Gill Place, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets'
Relationship Status    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                                 
William Noding   Head             Married 56        1845       Male       Gravesend, Kent            Labourer                                     
Rose Noding   Wife Married 53 1848 Female Shadwell, London  
Dolly Noding Daughter Single 30 1871 Female Shadwell, London Charwoman
Adelaide Noding Daughter Single 28 1873 Female Shadwell, London Gen Domestic Servant
Thomas Noding Son Single 19 1882 Male Shadwell, London General Labourer
Florence Noding Daughter
4 1897 Female Shadwell, London  
Adelaide Raby Gr Daugher Single 16 1885 Female Shadwell, London Worker in Jam Factory
Florence Noding Neice   11 1890 Female Shadwell, London Schoolgirl