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Updated: 09/01/21
ID:2127 Thomas Ashley 1869-
Gaz's 2nd cousin 3x removed
Birth    YOB    Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
1871 Census for ' Shoemakers Shop, Dods Leigh, Leigh, Staffordshire'
Relationship Status    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation               
William Griffin       Head             Married 63        1808       Male       Leigh, Staffordshire Boot Maker employing one man
Sarah Griffin Wife Married 62 1809 Female Leigh, Staffordshire  
Annie Ashley Gr-Daughter   10 1861 Female Leigh, Staffordshire Scholar
Mary Ashley Gr-Daughter   5 1866 Female Leigh, Staffordshire Scholar
Thomas Ashley Gr-Son   2 1869 Male Leigh, Staffordshire  
Louisa Heath Daughter   26 1845 Female Leigh, Staffordshire Labourers wife
Sarah Heath Gr-Daughter   2 mths
1871 Female Leigh, Staffs  
John Wint Apprentice   20 1851 Male Cauldon, Staffs Apprentice Bootmaker