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ID:2235 Hannah (Holmes) 1821-
Gaz's 4th Great Uncles wife
Birth    1821 Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
1851 census for 'Old Dock, Dudley'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
William Benbow Head                Married  28(38) 1813      Male        Shrewsbury Coal Miner               
Mary Ann Benbow Wife Married 29 1822 Female Dudley, Worcs              Nailor
Joseph Benbow Son   9 1842 Male Dudley, Worcs              Nailor
William Benbow Son   5 1846 Male Dudley, Worcs              Scholar
Margaret Benbow Daughter   3
1848 Female Dudley, Worcs               
Richard Phillips Lodger   48 1803 Male West Bromwich, Staffs Nailor
Sarah Phillips Wife   48 1803 Female Dudley, Worcs               
Benjamin Holmes Lodger/Head   30 1821 Male Dudley, Worcs              Coal Miner
Ann Holmes Wife   33 1818 Female Dudley, Worcs               
Joseph Holmes Son   5 1846 Male Dudley, Worcs