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ID:2285 Dinah Seagar 1873-
Lisa's 1st cousin 4x removed
Birth    1873  Rough Hills, Wolverhampton
Death YOD Place of Death
Step-Siblings Harriet Wootton (b.1887)
  Clarice Wootton (b.1891)
  Ada Wootton (b.1892)
  Annie Wootton (b.1893)
Half-Siblings Joseph Seagar (b.1897)/ID:2295
  Lily Seagar (b.1899)/ID:2296
  Harold Seagar (b.1900)/ID:2297
  Dora Seagar (b.1902)/ID:2298
  Florence May Seagar (b.1904)/ID:2299
  William Seagar (b.1905)/ID:2300
  John Seagar (b.1909)/ID:2301
1881 Census for '5 Foster Street, Blakenall, Walsall, Staffs' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender     Birth County                    Occupation                 
George Sager       Head                Married 27 1854 Male         Wolverhampton, Staffs Coal Miner
Rose Sager Wife Married       26       1855        Female Wolverhampton, Staffs
Dinah Sager Daughter   8 1873 Female Rough Hills, Staffs Scholar
George Sager Son   6 1875 Male Rough Hills, Staffs Scholar
Mary Sager Daughter   3
1878 Female Blakenall, Staffs Scholar
James Sager Son   3 mths 1881 Male Blakenall, Staffs  
Summer 1894 - Death of mother, Rosanna Seagar.