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ID:2364 Joseph Harrison 1771-
Gaz's 5th Great Grandfather
Birth    1771 Roston, Derbyshire
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Catherine (b.abt 1750)/ID:2372
20 September 1801 - Baptism of daughter, Catherine Harrison at Norbury & Roston, Derbyshire.
Norbury, 1801
1851 Census for 'Norbury, Derbyshire'
Relationship Status     Age   Est YOB Gender   Birth County                             Occupation               
Joseph Harrison            Head             Married  34      1817       Male       
Roston, Derbyshire Farmer of 58 acres
Catherine Harrison Wife Married 32 1819 Female Mackworth, Derbyshire  
Isabella Harrison Daughter
6 1845 Female Roston, Derbyshire  
Fanny Harrison Daughter
4 1847 Female Roston, Derbyshire  
Mary A Harrison Daughter
1 1850 Female Roston, Derbyshire  
Joseph Harrison Father Married 80 1771 Male Roston, Derbyshire  
Dinah Harrison Mother Married 73 1778 Female Marston Montgomery, Derbs  
James Gorse Servant   14 1837 Male Madley, Staffordshire House Servant
James Middleton Servant   14 1837 Male Roston, Derbyshire House Servant
Mary Johnson Servant   16 1835 Female Leigh, Staffordshire House Servant