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ID: 252 (Rose) Elizabeth Jane Gatward 1881-1938 aka Rose Allen 
Gaz’s Great Grandmother
Birth    19 June 1881 Therfield, Hertfordshire
Death December 1938 ? Royston, Hertfordshire?
Mother    Julia Ann Hagger (b.1851)/ID:290
Father    Thomas Gatward (b.1848) /ID:255
Rose Elizabeth Jane Gatward was born  on 19 June 1881 in Therfield, Hertfordshire, to Julia Ann Haggar, age 30, and Thomas Gatward, age 32. She was christened Elizabeth Jane Gatward and later used the first name 'Rose' . She was baptised in Therfield on 7th August 1881. Rose had three older siblings Thomas Charles Haggar, Frederick Gatward and Emily Gatward. Her younger siblings were Winifred , born 1884, Henry George, born 1886, Walter Reginald born 1889 and Charlie Gatward born 1892.
1891 - 1891 Census for 'Boatmans Cottages, Therfield' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                      Occupation                 
Thomas Gatward     Head                Married      43       1848        Male       Therfield                             Agr. Labourer           
Julia Ann Gatward Wife Married 40 1851 Female Therfield  
Emily Gatward Daughter   11 1880 Female Therfield  
Elizabeth Gatward Daughter   9 1882 Female Therfield  
Winfred Gatward Daughter   6 1885 Female Therfield  
Henry G Gatward Son   5 1886 Male Therfield  
Walter R Gatward Son   2 1889 Male Therfield  
Rose's brother Charlie was born in Therfield on 13th March 1892 when Rose was 10 years old.

In 1901 Elizabeth (Rose) Jane Gatward was a General Domestic Servant at Mardlebury Manor, Reed in Therfield, Hertfordshire, in 1901. She lived there and worked for Frances Turney (66), a widow and her children Charles (36), Frances (34), Catherine (23) and Willie (21). Her age is stated as 17 on the census but this was probably given by one of the residing family.
Right: Mardlebury Manor present day.
Oct-Dec 1904 - Marriage of Mark Henry Allen & Rose Elizabeth J Gatward
In the Winter of 1904 Rose married Mark Henry Allen from Dudley, a soldier in the Royal Artillery in Hampstead, London. Witnesses at the wedding were Hubert Viner Lack & Florence Margaret Lund
4th - 6th January 1905 - Birth and death of twin sons
On 4th January 1905 Rose gave birth to twin boys Mark Henry and Thomas Charles in Hertfordshire but unfortunately two days later on 6th January both little boys passed away.
Oct-Dec 1908 - Son Ernest Thomas is born
In October 1908 their son Ernest Thomas was born in Farnham, Aldershot.
1909-1910 - Death of son Henry George
Rose & Mark's son Henry George sadly passed away in either April 1910 in Dartford, Kent, at the age of 4 or in Jan-Mar 1909 age 3 . We do not know the cause of death at this time. The first record sdtates his name as George Henry but is situated in his place of birth... the second is in Yorkshire where Rose & Mark were living by 1911.
2 April 1911 - 1911 Census for '14, Lorraine Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County             Occupation                                  
Mark Henry Allen Head                29         1882       Male       Dudley, Worcester Soldier "Anvil Maker"                 
Rose Elizabeth Jane Allen Wife 29 1882 Female Fairfield, Cambs Soldiers Wife
Ernest Thomas Allen
Son 2 1909 Male Aldershot  
The 1911 census confirms that the couple had 3 sons who were deceased and 1 child that was living.
Later in 1911, Rose, now 30,  had another son , Sidney but we are struggling to find his birth details. 
In 1912 Rose sadly lost her older sister Emily. 
On Aug 3rd 1914 the couple had their first daughter Elizabeth Mary Eliza Amelia Allen born in Mark Henrys home town of Dudley, Staffordshire. The following day WW1 was officially declared which must have been a worrying time as Mark Henry was still a serving soldier in the army..
In October 1914, Rose's mother passed away at Dane End in Therfield and on 19 April 1916 she lost her brother Walter Reginald (pictured on right ) in Ypres, Belgium during WW1. A year later on 19th August 1917 she lost another brother , Charlie, in Ypres, Belgium and in October that year a third brother ,Henry George was killed in Isreal.

We are not sure where Mark Henry was fighting as we cannot find his records but we know that Roses son Charlie was born in Dudley in 1918.

Information from this time onwards is a little sketchy but we know the three younger children spent some time in a Barnados Childrens home in Birmingham. We are not sure yet why the children were there or where Rose and Mark were during that time.
Although at this stage we cannot be 100% sure we think this is the record of the death of Rose.

According to this record she died in 1938, we think in HItchin, which is near to Royston, Hertfordshire where the death was registered.

We think she and Mark Henry may have seperated after the war and she may have gone back to Hertfordshire. 
We know Mark Henry continued to live in the Dudley/Birmingham area until his death in 1957.