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ID:328 Walter Horton 1778?- died before 1841
Lisa’s 5th Great Grandfather & Gaz’s 5th Great Grandfather
Birth    1778?or 1772 Shareshill?or Bloxwich?
Death before 1841 Place of Death
10 March 1807 - Marriage of Walter Horton and widow, Lucy Withington at St Matthew, Walsall, Staffordshire.
25 November 1810 - Baptism of daughter, Honor Horton at Cannock, Staffordshire.
1 March 1812 - Baptism of daughter, Jane Horton at Cannock, Staffordshire.
We know Walter died before 1841 as wife Lucy appears on that census with her son Samuel and Walter appears on no further censuses. There is a Walter Horton that died in Bloxwich in 1838 but he was born in 1772 which casts some doubt on which Walter was actually our ancestor. Hopefully when my DNA test comes back we may get more clues.
31 January 1838 - Burial of Walter Horton at All Saints, Bloxwich, Staffordshire.