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ID:Anna Maria Jevons 1872-
Lisa's 3rd Great Aunt
Birth    ABT 1872 Blakenall, Staffordshire
Death YOD Place of Death
18 December 1873 - Baptism of daughter, Ann Maria Jevons at Christ Church, Blakenall Heath, Staffordshire.
1881 Census for '49 Blakenall Lane, Blakenall, Staffordshire' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                            Occupation                 
Thomas Jevons              Head                 Married      49      1832       Male        Willenhall, Staffs                    Carter
Louisa Jevons Wife Married 48 1833 Female Lane Head, Staffs  
Thomas  Jevons Son
25 1837 Male Lane Head, Staffs
Alice Jevons Daughter   14 1867 Female Blakenall, Staffs Scholar
Mary Jevons Daughter   12 1869 Female Blakenall, Staffs Scholar
Maria Jevons Daughter   9 1872 Female Blakenall, Staffs Scholar
Isaiah Jevons Son   5 1876 Male Blakenall, Staffs Scholar
James Percival
Boarder Widower 40 1841 Male Sedgley, Staffs Well Sinker (Pit Shaft)