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ID:413 Emma Mansfield (Myatt) 1864–1891
Gaz's 3rd Great Aunt
Birth    1864 Tong, Shropshire
Death 1891 Colton, Staffs
2 April 1871-  Census for 'Tong Norton, Shropshire' 
Relationship    Status    
Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation           
John Mansfield              Head                Married  50        1821       Male        Donnington Shropshire Agricultural Labourer
Emma Mansfield Wife Married 49 1822 Female Shifnal Shropshire  
Samuel Mansfield Son   17 1854 Male Tong Shropshire Agricultural Labourer
Edward Mansfield Son   13 1858 Male Tong Shropshire  
Margaret Mansfield Daughter   11 1860 Female Tong Shropshire Scholar
Selina Mansfield Daughter   9 1862 Female Tong Shropshire Scholar
Emma Mansfield Daughter   6 1865 Female Tong Shropshire Scholar
21st March 1887 - Marriage of James Myatt and Emma Mansfield at Colton, Staffordshire.
1891 Census for 'Brook Street, Colton, Staffordshire'
Relationship Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                Occupation                 
James Myatt            Head              Married      25        1866      Male        Blythbury, Staffs          Tanner Labourer
Emma Myatt Wife Married 27 1864 Female Tong Norton, Salop  
1st December 1891 - Burial of Emma Myatt at Colton, Staffordshire, age 28.