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ID:428 Elizabeth 'Betty' Marklew 1847-
Lisa's 4th Great Aunt
Birth    ABT 1847 Brownhills, Staffordshire,
Death YOD Place of Death
Betty was born in late 1846 in Norton Canes/Brownhills (now Brownhills West). 
Her parents were John & Sarah Marklew (nee Sunderland).
3rd January 1847 - Daughter Betty's Baptism
Betty is baptised at St James Church, Norton Canes.
John and Sarah are present on the church records.
30th March 1851 - 1851 Census for 'Brownhills, Norton Canes'  
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County           Occupation
Staffordshire Norton Canes District 8b: that part of the parish of Norton which lies to the South of the Watling Street Road comprising the Fleur de Lys, Little Wyrley, Wyrley Hays, part of Brownhills with all the houses on the South side of the Watling Street Road.
John Marklew    Head             35        1816       Male      Whittington, Staffs   Coal Miner
Sarah Marklew Wife 30 1821 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Mary Marklew Daughter 8 1843 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Betty Marklew Daughter 4 1847 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
John Marklew Son 2 1849 Male Brownhills, Staffs  
Joseph Johnson Adopted Son 13 1838 Male Whittington, Staffs Coal Miner
7th April 1861 - 1861 Census for 'Wolverhampton Road, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire'  
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                 Occupation                   
John Marklew     Head                40        1821       Male       Whittington, Staffs Coal Miner & Victualler
Sarah Marklew Wife 40 1821 Female Norton Canes, Staffs  
Mary Marklew Daughter 16 1845 Female Norton Canes, Staffs Straw Bonnet Maker
Betty Marklew Daughter 15 1846 Female Norton Canes, Staffs Scholar
John Marklew Son 14 1847 Male Norton Canes, Staffs Scholar
Emma Poxon Servant 20 1841 Female Norton Canes, Staffs General Servant
John Marklew took over The Railway Inn, Pelsall in 1859 
We think Betty may have appeared on two censuses in 1861 - this one with her grandfather 
1861 Census for 'Brownhills, Norton Canes' * now known as Ogley Hay or Brownhills West 
Status     Age     Est YOB   Gender   Birth County              Occupation
Joseph Marklew Head             Widower 73        1788       Male       Birmingham, Warks
Elizabeth Marklew Grandaughter   14 1847 Female Norton Canes,Staffs General Servant