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ID:434 Hannah Marshall (Whiting)1862-1943 
Lisa's 2nd Great Grandmother
Birth    4th December 1862  Wallbrook, Staffordshire
Death July-Sep 1943
Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Hannah Marshall was born on 4th December 1862 at Wallbrook, situated in the east of Coseley, near Dudley's boundary with Sandwell.
Her father was Isaac Marshall, a labourer from Dingley, Northamptonshire and her mother was Catherine Baker from Barlaston, Staffordshire.
She had two older sisters, Martha, born in 1859 and Kate born in 1860.
1871 Census for '26 Chapel Street, Sedgley, Staffs' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
Isacc Marshall         Head                 Married      42       1829       Male                                               
Catherine Marshall Wife Married 39
1832 Female    
Martha Marshall Daughter   12 1859 Female    
Kate Marshall Daughter   10 1861 Female    
Hannah Marshall Daughter   8 1863 Female    
Joseph Baker Father in Law Widow 76 1795 Male   Boatman but unable to work
1881 Census for 'Great Bowden, Leicestershire' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                  Occupation                 
Isacc Marshall         Head                 Married      53       1828       Male        Bingley?
Catherine Marshall Wife Married 49
1832 Female Barlaston, Staffs  
Martha Marshall Daughter   22 1859 Female Tipton, Staffs  
Hannah Marshall Daughter   18 1863 Female Wallbrook, Staffs  
In Spring of 1882 Hannah,19, married William Charles Whiting, also 19 at Market Harborough.
William was working as a Warehouseman and he was born in Boltoph Claydon, Buckinghamshire but was now living with his family in nearby Little Bowden .
Witnesses at the wedding were Mary Hannah Addison and Benjamin Poole.

26th June 1882 - Birth of son William Isaac in Great Bowden, Leicestershire
27th May 1883 - Christening of son William Isaac in Coppenhall, Cheshire
1st February 1885- Birth of daughter Elizabeth Annie Whiting
17 June 1886 - Baptism of Elizabeth Annie
4 May 1887 - Birth of daughter Florence May
3rd July 1889 - Birth of son Frederick Charles Whiting
5th April 1891 - 1891 Census for '12, Buckley Square, Ardwick, Lancs'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                      Occupation
William Whiting Head                29       1862       Male Boltoph Claydon, Bucks Foreman Stay Maker
Hannah Whiting Wife 29 1862 Female Wallbrook, Staffs  
William Whiting Son 8 1883 Male Great Bowden, Leics Scholar
Elizabeth Whiting Daughter 6 1885 Female Great Bowden, Leics Scholar
Florence Whiting Daughter 3 1888 Female   Little Bowden, Northants  
Frederick Whiting Son 1 1890 Male Little Bowden, Northants  
By 1891, the family had moved to Ardwick, in Lancashire. Their address on the census is 12, Buckley Square. Hannahs husband William, 29,  was a Foreman Stay Maker in the Corset Factory. 
Jul-Sep 1891 - Birth of Harold Whiting
Harold Whiting was the couples fifth child. He was born in Timperley Cheshire and registered at Altrincham
Between 1892 and 1896 the family moved back to Great Bowden, Leicestershire
18 May 1896- Birth of Arthur Edward Marshall Whiting
27 Aug 1896- Baptism of Arthur Edward Marshall Whiting
Early Summer 1898- Birth of twins Dorothy and Ernest Whiting
9th July 1898 - Baptism of Dorothy and Ernest
Dorothy and Ernest are baptised at Great Bowden, Leicestershire in the Anglican Church.
6th December 1900 - Birth of Hilda Eva Whiting
Hilda Eva Whiting was the youngest child of of William Charles and Hannah Whiting (nee Marshall). She was born in Great Bowden
13th Jan 1901 - Baptism of Hilda Eva Whiting
Hilda Eva was baptised in the Anglican church at Great Bowden, Leicestershire.
31st March 1901 - 1901 Census for '18, The Green, Great Bowden'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender    Birth County                 Occupation                                   
William Whiting  Head               
38        1863       Male    Claydon, Berkshire Foreman in Corset Stay Factory
Hannah Whiting Wife 38 1863 Female Hallbrook, Staffs  
Elizabeth A Whiting Daughter 16 1885 Female Great Bowden, Leics Eyeletter in Corset Stay Factory
Florence M Whiting Daughter 13 1888 Female Little Bowden, Leics  
Harold Whiting Son 9 1892 Male        Timperley, Cheshire  
Arthur E M Whiting Son 4 1897 Male        Great Bowden, Leics
Dorothy Whiting Daughter 2 1899 Female Great Bowden, Leics  
Ernest Whiting Son 2 1899 Male        Great Bowden, Leics  
Hilda E Whiting Daughter 3 mths 1901 Female Great Bowden, Leics  
he 1901 Census shows Hannah, William, both 38,  and their family at 18, The Green, Great Bowden (shown on right). Oldest son William , now 18,  had left home and Frederick was at his grandparents home when the census took place. Husband William was still working as a Foreman in the Stay Factory and daughter Elizabeth, now 16 had joined him in the factory as an Eyeletter. Hannah, now 38,  stayed at home as a housewife looking after her seven youngest children. 
1903 Death of son , Ernest.
2 April 1911 - 1911 Census for '18, The Green, Great Bowden'
Relationship     Age     Est YOB Gender    Birth County                    Occupation                                  
William Charles Whiting Head                49        1862      Male         Boltoph Claydon, Bucks Labourer at Rubber Works
Hannah Whiting Wife 49 1862 Female
Florence May Tomlinson Daughter 24 1887 Female Little Bowden Laundress
Frederick Charles Whiting Son 21 1890 Male         Little Bowden Co-operative Asst in Shop
Harold Whiting Son 19 1892 Male         Timperley, Cheshire Painter
Arthur Edward Whiting Son 14 1897 Male         Great Bowden Stay Hand in Corset Factory
Dorothy Whiting Daughter 12 1899 Female Great Bowden School
Hilda Whiting Daughter 10 1901 Female Great Bowden School
Kathleen Dorothy Thomlinson Granddaughter 1 1910 Female Great Bowden  
By 1911, the family were settled and still living at 18, The Green, Great Bowden. William had changed jobs and become a Rubber Worker in the Rubber factory . They had now been married for 29 years.. Florence. 24, having being married to Rowland Charles Tomlinson and soon to be divorced was living with them along with her daughter Kathleen Dorothy. who was 1. Florence was working as a Laundress. Frederick, now 21, was a Shop Assistant in the Co-operative store, Harold, 19, was a painter and decorater, and Arthur Edward, 14 had begun work as a Stay Fasting Hand in the Corset Factory.  Dorothy,12  and Hilda, 10 were still both at school.
September 1928- Death of husband William
In September 1928, Hannahs husband, William passed away at 65 years old at Great Bowden. He was buried on the 19th September.
29 September 1939 -  '1939 Registry for 18, The Green, Great Bowden'
Gender    DOB              Status        Occupation                           
Hannah Whiting Female    04/12/1862   Widowed  U.D.D.
Hilda E McKechnie Female 06/12/1900
Married Machinist in Corset Factory
Jean McKechnie Female 22/05/1925 Single At School
Patricia McKechnie Female 20/02/1927 Single At School
The 1939 Registry shows Hannah,now 76, still living at 18,The Green. Her daughter Hilda Eva ,38 and now Hilda Eva McKechnie and Hilda's two daughters Jean,14 and Patricia 12 also lived at the house. Hilda was a machinist in the Corset factory.
July 1943 - Death of Hannah Whiting
In July 1943, Hannah sadly passed away at the age of 80 in Great Bowden, Leicestershire. She was buried at the Anglican church there.