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Updated: 30/11/20
ID:459 Josiah Miller 1911-
Birth    1911  Place of Birth
Death YOD Place of Death
Siblings  Ida Miller (b.1906)
  Edith Miller (b.1909)
  Josiah Miller (b.1911)/ID:459
1911 Census for 'Sherwood St, Hucknell under Huthwaite nr Mansfield, Nottinghamshire'
Relationship    Status        Age       Est YOB Gender   Birth County                           Occupation               
Josiah Redwood Miller Head Married      26          1885       Male       Sutton in Ashfield, Notts      Coal Miner Hewer
Amy Miller Wife Married 21 1890 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Ida Miller Daughter           5 1906 Female Sutton in Ashfield, Notts  School
Edith Miller Daughter   2 1909 Female Sutton in Ashfield, Notts   
Josiah Miller Son   1 mth 1911 Male     Hucknell, Notts  
Emily Bevan Sister-in-law Single 18 1893 Female Brownhills, Staffs General Dom Servant