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ID:520 Samuel Phillips 1847-1864
Gaz's 3rd Great Uncle
Birth    1847 Norton Canes, Staffordshire,
Death July 1864 Norton Canes, Staffordshire
5 December 1847 - Baptism of son, Samuel Phillips at Norton Canes. 
1851 Census for 'Norton Canes, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                 Occupation               
Joseph Phillips Head                Married   36         1815      Male       Norton Canes, Staffs Coal Miner         
Sarah Phillips Wife Married 34 1817 Female Kings Bromley, Staffs  
Ann Phillips Daughter Unmar 12 1839 Female Norton Canes, Staffs Scholar
Lydia Phillips Daughter   5 1846 Female Norton Canes, Staffs  
Samuel Phillips Son   3 1848 Male Norton Canes, Staffs  
Joseph Phillips
Son   1 1850 Male Norton Canes, Staffs  
Mary Crane Lodger   79 1772 Female Norton Canes, Staffs  
25 July 1864 - Death of  Samuel Phillips, age 16. He is buried at St James, Norton Canes.
Samuel died, age 16 in July 1864. We do not know the circumstances of his death.