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ID:532 Charlotte Poyser 1864-
Lisa's 3rd Great Aunt
Birth    Oct-Dec 1864 Ogley Hay, Staffordshire
Death YOD Place of Death
Oct-Dec - Birth of Charlotte Poyser at Ogley Hay, Brownhills, (registered in Lichfield)
1871 - 1871 Census for 'Wolverhampton Road, Ogley Hay, Brownhills' 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                      Occupation                 
John Poyser             Head                Married      36 1835       Male       Stonnall, Staffordshire Miner                          
Mary Poyser Wife Married 37        1834 Female Staffordshire  
Mary Mansfield Daughter   12 1859 Female Walsall, Staffordshire  
Martha Poyser Daughter   8 1863 Female Bloxwich, Staffordshire  
Charlotte Poyser Daughter   6 1865 Female Ogley Hay, Staffordshire  
Susanna Poyser Daughter   2 1869 Female Ogley Hay, Staffordshire  
John O Poyser Son   2mths 1871 Male Ogley Hay, Staffordshire  
George Heatherbull Lodger   18 1853 Male St Georges, Shropshire Miner