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ID:534 Edwin Poyser 1906-1984
Lisa's 2nd Great Uncle
Birth    16 JUL 1906 Brownhills, Staffordshire
Death MAR 1984 Walsall, Staffordshire
Mother    Catherine E Cresswell (b.1873) /ID: 188
Father    John Obadiah Poyser (b.1871) /ID:544
16 July 1906 - Birth of Edwin Poyser at Brownhills, Staffordshire.
13 May 1907 - Death of father, John Obadiah Poyser in a mining accident at Coppice Colliery, Norton Canes, nr Brownhills.
1911 Census for 'Woodbine Terrace, Chester Road, Ogley Hay, Staffs'
Status      Age     Est YOB Gender    Birth County                  Occupation     
Catherine Poyser     Head                Widowed 42 1869     
Female    Brownhills, Staffs  
Mary Poyser Daughter   12 1899 Female Brownhills, Staffs          
James Poyser Son   10       1901 Male Brownhills, Staffs          
Emma Poyser Daughter
  9 1902 Female Hucknell, Sutton in Ashfield, Derbs
Edward Poyser Son   4 1907 Male Brownhills, Staffs          
1939 Registry for '190 Watling Street, Brownhills, Staffs'
Status             DOB            Gender    Occupation     
Charles T Thacker   Married   30/12/1900 Male         Coal Hewer    
Mary A Thacker Married 25/06/1899 Female UDD
John T Thacker Single 11/03/1921 Male Colliery Loader
Undisclosed (Ivy Thacker)      
Doris Edna Thacker Single 30/09/1928 Female At School
Catherine Thacker Widow 06/01/1873 Female UDD
Edwin Poyser Single 16/07/1906 Male Colliery Horse Driver
Below: 190, Watling Street as it is today
Far Right: Edwin 'Ted' Poyser taken at the Miners Welfare Home in Weston Super Mare
Edwin with his dog, Rex, a locally reknown excellent shooting dog.
Edwin with his neice, Doris Higgs and Rex the dog. 
Early 1950's - Edwin with Great Nephews & Nieces.
1953 - Marriage of Edwin Poyser and Ethel Yates registered at Cannock, Staffs