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ID:651 (Anna) Louise Smith 1898-1969
Lisa's Great Grandmother
Birth    5 JUN 1898 Ferndale, Glamorgan
Death 2 JUN 1969 Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire
We are having a little trouble finding out about Anna Louisa's early life and her parentage.

Firstly, we have a 1939 census which we know is Anna and the DOB is showing as 5th June 1898, However, her death index record states her birth as being 5th June 1899. 
We know she married as 'Annie' Louisa Smith in 1915. 
There are a number of possible parents but we have a likely match in 1911 for a Charles Smith and Sarah Ann Smith. We have a photo of her brother in this census and their is certainly a family resemblance to my grandfather ( especially the ears!). 
However, many other people have said that Charles Smith's name was in fact William England who married Sarah Ann Davies so we need to find out if and why he changed his name if this is the case. 
There are though, a few other possible matches we need to eliminate first and with few documents to go on this is proving difficult. We have stuck with the likely 1911 census result for now and will explore the 'England' surname but may change this if we discover conflicting evidence of different parentage later..

1911 'No 4 New House, Van Road, Caerphilly, Wales 
Relationship    Condition   Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County            Occupation                 
Charles Smith         Head                 Married      38        1873      Male        Ferndale, Glams   Haulier - underground
Sarah Ann Smith Wife Married 36 1875 Female Ferndale, Glams    
William D Smith Son
15 1896 Male Ferndale, Glams   Colliery Boy
Louisa Smith Daughter   13 1898 Female Ferndale, Glams    
Llewelyn George Smith Son   9 1902 Male
Ferndale, Glams    
Emma Smith Daughter   5 1906 Female Ferndale, Glams    
Albert E Smith Son   4 1907 Male Caerphilly, Glams    
Rees Smith
Son   3 1908 Male Caerphilly, Glams    
Rosey Smith Daughter   2 mths 1911 Female Ferndale, Glams    
Summer 1915 - Marriage of Annie Louise Smith and  Edward Terrett at Pontypridd. 
1939 Registry for '1, Noel Terrace, Aberfan, Merthyr, Glamorganshire'
Status       DOB            Gender   Occupation                  
Edward Terrett       Married    21/02/1892 Male        Unemployed Collier   
Anna L Terrett Married 05/06/1898 Female Unemployed Maid
Elizabeth Terrett Single 29/05/1920 Female At School
Sarah M Terrett
23/07/1928 Female At School
Robert Terrett   01/03/1930 Male At School
John Terrett   03/03/1932 Male At School
Closed Record Noreen?      
Thomas P Terrett   25/05/1939 Male Baby
Anna Louisa passed away on 2nd June 1969.