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Updated: 21/11/20
ID:693 Alice Dinah Stanton 1854–
Lisa’s 4th great-aunt
Birth    1855 Walsall, Staffordshire
Death YOD Place of Death
1854 - Birth of  daughter, Alice Dinah Stanton at St Mary, Walsall, Staffs
1861 Census for 'Caldmore, Walsall, Staffs'
Status     Age     Est YOB Gender    Birth County                    Occupation     
Isaac Stanton          
Head             Married   39        1822       Male         Walsall, Staffs               Builder
Catherine Stanton Wife Married 37 1824
Female Walsall, Staffs               
Sarah A Stanton Daughter   14 1847 Female Walsall, Staffs               
Henry Stanton Son   13 1848 Male Walsall, Staffs               
Teresa Stanton Daughter   12 1849 Female Walsall, Staffs  
Agnes Stanton Daughter   10 1851 Female Walsall, Staffs  
Alice Stanton Daughter   6 1855 Female Walsall, Staffs  
Emma Stanton Daughter   1 1860 Female Walsall, Staffs