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ID:705 Polly Stibbs (Allen)1884-
Gaz's 2nd Great Uncles wife
Birth    JANUARY 1884 Dudley, Staffordshire
Death YOD Place of Death
Mother    Mothers ID Name etc
30th Aug 1906 - Birth of son Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas is born in Hednesford/Cannock area. 
Spring 1908 - Birth of daughter Polly
Polly is born in Hednesford/Cannock area. 
2 April 1911 - The 1911 census for '75, Brindley Heath, Hednesford,'
Relationship    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                           Occupation                 
William Bagnall Head               37         1874      Male        Cannock, Staffordshire Coal Miner Jigger
Phoebe Susanna Bagnall Wife 35 1876 Female Pillaton, Staffordshire  
Joseph Earl Bagnall Son 9 1902 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Bertha Eliza Bagnall Daughter 7 1904 Female Hednesford, Staffordshire  
William Thomas Bagnall Son 5
1906 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Walter John Henry Bagnall Son 4 1907 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Frederick Bagnall Son 3 1908 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Thomas Bagnall Son 1 1910 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Charles Allen Boarder 37 1874 Male Dudley, Staffordshire Coal Miner Hewer      
Polly Allen Boarder 28 1883 Female Dudley, Staffordshire  
Charles Allen Boarder 4 1907 Male Hednesford, Staffordshire  
Polly Allen Boarder 3 1908 Female Hednesford, Staffordshire