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ID:716 Charles Taylor (Gray?) 1855-1891
Gaz's 2nd Great Grandfather
Birth    1855/1856
Death 19 FEB 1891? Nottingham?
We are still trying to find hard evidence to substantiate evidence about Charles early life. 

We know from family memories that there was a name change within the family years ago and that the name Gray is connected to the family. In 1911 census in Norton Canes , Alices son George used the name Gray .  

We were unable to find marriage any details for Alice Smith and Charles Taylor in the West Ham area but we did find the record below for Charles Gray and Alice Taylor. Bearing in mind the surnames of the couples eldest sons, Frederick and Henry, it seems almost too much of a coincidence that Alices father is named as Frederick and Charles father is named as Henry to discount this possible marriage entry. 
In the entry although inconclusive we have the following clues:

* We knew prior to starting the tree the name Gray was in thre family and that a namechange had taken place
* The birth years are consistent with what we already know. 
* The marriage date is consistent with the birth dates of their children
*The place, West Ham is where their first two children were born
*As said, Frederick and Henry were the names of their first two children and are the names of their fathers in the document. 
* There is nothing in the entry that conflicts with what we know.
Son, Frederick Thomas Taylor was born in West Ham, London in 1879. 
Son Henry was born in 1880 in West Ham.
Son Charles was born in June 1883 in Walthomstow.
Son John was born in 1884 in Edmonton, Essex.
We know that in 1884 the family moved to Nottingham. According to the birth certificate his sister Emily was born in a van opposite Goodhead Street in November 1884 which indicates the family may have been travellers/gypsies.
If the name change proves to be correct we can say that this was definately made prior to the birth of Emmeline as the birth certificate states Taylor for all the family.
Birth certficate kindly provided by Sue Crook.
We conclude that Charles died in Nottingham between 1884 and 1891. We have found a death entry & probate, below, for a Charles William Taylor who died in Feb 1891 in Mansfield, Nottingham.

The problem I have with the death and probate entry is that the said Charles Taylor died at Misterton which is north Nottingham and in the 1891 census Alice lived in St Mary, South East Nottingham. This is some 40 mile away. However, Mansfield is only 10 miles away and mentioned Wollaton just 6 mile so the index may still be correct . We know that on Emmelines birth certificate Charles is listed as a Horse Slaughterer but as a farmer in the probate so this is also a conflict. We did find a census for a Frederick Taylor who lived at Wollaton but was born in Misterton but could find no link to Charles. This leaves the probate in question. 
Charles is named on Henrys marriage record in 1900.