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ID:724 Frederick Thomas Taylor 1879-1929
Gaz's 2nd Great Uncle
Birth    1879 West Ham, Essex
Death MAR 1929 Cannock, Staffordshire
We are not sure whether Frederick was born as Frederick Gray or Frederick Taylor and we have not yet been able to determine definate documents for the early part of his life. The information below is what we do know about him.
Frederick  was born in West Ham, London in 1879. He was the oldest son of Charles Taylor and Alice Taylor (nee Smith),
We know that by 1884 the family moved to Nottingham. (According to the birth certificate his sister Emily was born in a van opposite Goodhead Street in November 1885 )
On 19th February 1891, Fredericks father Charles died in Nottingham. 
1891 Census for '9 Leather Street, Nottingham'
Relationship Status       Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                  
Alice Taylor        Head              Widowed 34       1857        Female Wanstead, Essex            Charlady
Fred Taylor Son   13 1878 Male West Ham, Essex Coal Labourer
Henry Taylor Son   11 1880 Male West Ham, Essex Schoolboy
Charles Taylor Son   8 1883 Male Walthamstow, Essex Schoolboy
John Taylor Son   7 1884 Male
Edmonton, Essex Schoolboy
Emily Taylor Daughter   6 1885 Female Nottingham, Notts Schoolgirl
Between 1892 and 1895 we know the family moved to Norton Canes in Staffordshire. 
Marriage of Frederick Taylor and Agnes Amy Cooper at Norton Canes, Staffordshire
Agnes was the daughter of George and Lydia Cooper (nee Phillips). Agnes aunt was Jane Phillips, the late mother of Christina Stackhouse, Fredericks brother Henrys wife. Fredericks mother, Alice,  had married Christinas father in 1903.
Fredericks and Agnes first child, Alice Lydia, named after her two grandmothers, was born in 1908.
Their second child, Violet was born in 1909.
Their third child, Frances Amy, was born on 15th July 1910. 
1911 Census for Hednesford Road, Norton Canes, Staffs
Relationship Status       Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                  
Frederick Taylor   Head              Married    32        1879       Male       Essex                               Colliery Way Cleaner (below)
Agnes Amy Taylor Wife Married 29 1882 Female Cannock, Staffs  
Alice Taylor Daughter
3 1908 Female Cannock, Staffs  
Violet Taylor Daughter   2 1909 Female Cannock, Staffs  
Amy Taylor Daughter   1 1910 Female Cannock, Staffs  
We think that this may be the death record for Frederick. If so he passed away aged 51 in 1929.