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ID:760  James Terrett 1855-1904
Lisa’s 3rd Great Uncle
Birth    28th June 1855 Merthyr, Glamorganshire, Wales
Death 22nd March 1904 Place of Death
James Terrett ( originally Territ) was born in late 1855 in Merthyr Tydfil. Glamporganshire. He was the son of James and Elizabeth Terrett (or Territ). He had an older sister , Mary,4 and an older brother William,2. James parents were Irish having moved to Merthyr during the Irish potato famine some years previously.
1861 Census for 'Portmorlais Castle Lane, Merthyr Tydfil, Glamorganshire'
Relationship   Status       Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                  
James Terrett        Head                Married    33        1828       Male       Ireland Furnace Fitter            
Eliza Terrett Wife Married 29 1832 Female Ireland  
Mary Terrett Daughter   10 1851 Female Merthyr, Glams                 
William Terrett Son   8
1853 Male       Merthyr, Glams               
James Terrett Son   6 1855 Male       Merthyr, Glams               
John Terrett Son   4 1857 Male       Merthyr, Glams               
Thomas Terrett Son   1 1860 Male       Merthyr, Glams               
We believe James was in the 2nd Battalion 24th Regiment along with his brother William at the Rorkes Drift battle but he is mentioned in letters from other soldiers as being with the mounted division of troops so was seperated from William who was killed at Isandhlwana . We know that James served in South Africa from 1877-1879.
James is mentioned in a letter home from a Caedraw soldier.
We cannot find a 1881 census but believe that James could still have been serving in the army during the census.
In1891 James resided at his parents home at  3 Danygraig Place, Llanwonno. He was a labourer as was his father James, now 60. He also lived with his mother, Elizabeth at the home.
In 1901 James lived at his brother, Johns home at 18 Upper Taff Street, Merthyr Tydfil. He and his brother, John , were both coal hewers. He lived with Johns wife Ellen, and their children Bridget  , 13,  William, 11, John, 8, Maurice, 3, and Catherine , 11 months. 
We believe James died on 22nd March 1904 at Merthyr Infirmary. We think this is his death record below although it states his age as 36 when he would have been 46 at this time. This could be due to a transcription error.