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ID:785 Beatrice Thacker (Edgington) 1888-
Lisas 2nd Great Aunt
Birth    1888 Brownhills, Staffordshire,
Death YOD Place of Death
3 October 1887 - Birth of daughter, Beatrice Thacker, who was baptised at St James, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire on 26 October 1887.
1891 Census for 'Watling Street, Ogley Hay, Staffordshire' 
Relationship  Status         Age     Est YOB Gender      Birth County                      Occupation               
John Thacker          Head              Married       27        1864       Male           Brownhills, Staffs            Coal Mner                 
Sarah A Thacker Wife Married 27 1864 Female Lane Head, Staffs  
Mary A Thacker Daughter Daughter 6 1885 Female Brownhills, Staffs            Scholar
Charlotte Thacker Daughter Daughter 5 1886 Female Brownhills, Staffs            Scholar
Beatrice Thacker Daughter Daughter 3 1888 Female Brownhills, Staffs             
Edwin Thacker Son Son 1 1/2 1891 Male Brownhills, Staffs             
1907 - Marriage of Beatrice Thacker and James Thomas Edgington
1911 Census for '1 Bk, 137 Broad Street, Birmingham, Warwickshire' 
Relationship  Status         Age     Est YOB Gender  Birth County              Occupation               
James Thomas Edgington Head              Married      29         1882       Male    Salisford, Warks      Beer Conditioner in Brewery
Beatrice Edgington Wife Married 23 1888 Female Brownhills, Staffs  
Beatrice Marian Edgington Daughter   3 1908 Female Ladywood, Warks  
Stanley James Edgington Son   1 1910 Male Ladywood, Warks