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ID:802 John Thomas Thacker 1921-1990
Lisa's Paternal Grandfather
Birth    11th March 1921   Brownhills, Staffordshire
Death 13th September 1990   Walsall, West Midlands
John Thomas , fondly known as 'Jack' was born on 11th March 1921 in Brownhills, Staffordshire, the eldest child of  Charles Thomas Thacker, 21,  and Agnes Mary Thacker, nee Poyser, 22, in Brownhills, Staffordshire. His birth was registered at Cannock Registry Office.        John is pictured on the left aged about 3 years old.
At the end of July in1924, when John was 3, his first sister Ivy Mary was born and his second sister Doris Edna was born in September 1928 when John was 7.

As a child John lived with the family at the Farm (shown below), also known as Yates Farm, which stood right next to Cox's Pit.
John also lived as a young lad in what were known as the 'Step Houses' in Brownhills West, which stood in front of Cox's Pit - a row of 3 houses which stood same side as the Pear Tree pub about halfway between the Pear Tree and the Wilkin Inn (formerly known as The Monkey ).
1939 Registry for '190 Watling Street, Brownhills, Staffs'
Status             DOB            Gender    Occupation     
Charles T Thacker   Married   30/12/1900 Male         Coal Hewer    
Mary A Thacker Married 25/06/1899 Female UDD
John T Thacker Single 11/03/1921 Male Colliery Loader
Undisclosed (Ivy Thacker)      
Doris Edna Thacker Single 30/09/1928 Female At School
Catherine Thacker Widow 06/01/1873 Female UDD
Edwin Poyser Single 16/07/1906 Male Colliery Horse Driver
Below: 190, Watling Street as it is today
1943 - Marriage of Emily Tolley and John Thomas Thacker, registered at Cannock, Staffordshire.
October 1943
October 1943, birth of son, Alan John Thacker born at 24, Wilkin Road, Brownhills West .
July 1948
July 1948 - Birth of son, son Anthony Keith Thacker was born. His birth was registered at Cannock, Staffordshire.
Right: Circa 1949 
Emily & John (‘Jack’) Thacker on holiday with their sons Alan & Tony.
December 1957
In Dec 1957, the couple had their third son, David (left) born in Brownhills West. 
Below: Circa 1950 
Picture of 3 generations of Thackers. Grandfather Charles Thomas, Father John Thomas and son Alan from Brownhills, Staffordshire.
Throughout his life,  'Jack' Thacker was a keen racing pigeon enthusiast. He was an active member of a local pigeon club and he raced pigeons most weekends. As a child I remember being confined to the house on a Saturday morning as he and his brother in law, Cyril, waited for the first pigeon to return to the lofts. He is pictured on the left with his wife Emily and Cyril , and sons Alan and Tony. 
This is the house (‘Hope Cottages’) at 38 Wilkin Road that John lived in with his wife Emily and family from at least 1968 onwards. His sister Doris lived next door on the right at no.40
Left: Circa 1985 - John Thomas Thacker, approx 64 with his sister Doris Edna Higgs
John sadly passed away at Walsall Manor Hospital in September 1990, aged 69.
Below: 'Jack & Em' -Jack (John) and Emily Thacker at 38 Wilkin Road, Brownhills West. They earlier lived at 28 Wilkin Rd.
John Thomas as a child with sisters Ivy and Doris.
Taken at the miners convalesant home in Weston Super Mare -and great uncle Tom Ansell happened to be there same time -Cannock Chase miners used to go there to recover from an illness or an accident at work that kept them off work -for a week or 2 weeks to help them recover
During the late 1940s and 1950s a lot of miners in the area kept pigeons and raced them -they were called pigeon fanciers -- on a Saturday which was race day they would spend hours at the pigeon pens waiting for the pigeons to arrive back home -thats why they were called homing pigeons -in wilkin rd my grandad, John Thomas Thacker (Jack) in the pic and my uncle Cyril Higgs (with the cap on )waiting for the pigeons - Jim Wilson at 46 Wilkin Rd and Den Hewitt also Wilkin Rd raced pigeons and at least 4 more in Hednesford Road kept pigeons and later brian williams also of Wilkin Rd -there were several pigeon clubs my Grandad flew with Ogley Hay Club and the Yew Tree at norton canes and then the Lido at Norton Canes.
Jack {John Thomas) Thacker with his son Tony abt 1950 and dog named Peter.
1950- John Thomas (Jack) Thacker with sons Anthony and David (Jake) Thacker.
Below: Waiting for the pigeons to come home with son, Tony and brother in law (Thomas) Cyril Higgs at Wilkin Road, Brownhillls.
13th September 1990- Jack passed away after a short illness at Walsall Manor Hospital.