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Updated: 05/04/21
ID:818 Emily Tolley (Thacker)1922-2002
Lisas Paternal Grandmother
Birth    7th April 1922  Clayhanger, Staffordshire
Death 6th January 2002  Walsall, West Midlands
7th April 1922 - Birth of Emily Tolley at Brownhills, Staffordshire.
1939 Registry for '13, Church Street, Clayhanger, Staffs' 
Status        DOB             Gender   Occupation                                   
Joseph Tolley       Married      03/11/1875  Male        Colliery Labourer Above Ground
Emily Tolley Married 25/04/1892 Female Unpaid Domestic Duties
Emily Tolley Single 07/04/1922 Female
Press Hand
Ellen E Tolley Single 21/12/1923 Female Press Hand
Stephen Tolley Single 13/02/1925 Male Colliery  Labourer Above
1943 - Marriage of Emily Tolley and John Thomas Thacker, registered at Cannock, Staffordshire.
The couple  lived in a house near the top of Wilkin Road for some time during the war.
October 1943
October 1943, birth of son, Alan John Thacker born at 24, Wilkin Road, Brownhills West .
July 1948
July 1948 - Birth of son, son Anthony Keith Thacker was born. His birth was registered at Cannock, Staffordshire.
Right: Circa 1949 
Emily & John (‘Jack’) Thacker on holiday with their sons Alan & Tony.
December 1957
In Dec 1957, the couple had their third son, David (left) born in Brownhills West. 
Below: 'Jack & Em' -Jack (John) and Emily Thacker at 38 Wilkin Road, Brownhills West. They earlier lived at 28 Wilkin Rd.
6th January 2002 - Emily passed away after a short illness at Walsall Manor Hospital.