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Updated: 16/03/21
ID:866 Isaiah Whitehouse 1857-1941 aka Isaiah Bentley, Isaiah Stackhouse
Gaz’s 2nd Great Grandfather
Birth    14 December 1857 ‘The Swan’ at Staunton, Newent, Gloucester
Death September 1941 Walsall, Staffordshire
Occupations Coal Miner (1881)
  Labourer (1883)
  Coal Miner (1891)
  Ordinary Agricultural Labourer (1901)
  Wagonner on a Farm (1911)
Isaiah Whitehouse was born 14 December 1857 at The Swan Inn, Staunton in the Parish of Corse, His father was John Bentley and his mother was Elizabeth Whitehouse. His father is listed as a traveller on his older sisters baptism record two years previously when she was also born in Corse. We believe the couple were unmarried which was quite common in the traveller community. Isaiah had older sisters Mary , born in 1850 and Sarah born in 1855 as well as an older brother Charles born in 1953.
Left :The Swan Inn at Staunton today where Isaiah was born.
1861 Census for Walsall Foreign, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                       Occupation               
Joseph Bentley  Head                Married  52         1809       Male       Lane End, Staffs         Labourer at Ironworks
Eliza Bentley Wife Married 62 1799 Female Lane End, Staffs          
Elizabeth Whitehouse (Gr)daughter   32 1829 Female Lane End, Staffs          
Mary Whitehouse Grandaughter   11 1850 Female Sutton Coldfield, Warks  
Charles Whitehouse Granddaughter   8 1853 Male       Sutton Coldfield, Warks  
Sarah Whitehouse Granddaughter   5 1856 Female Sutton Coldfield, Warks  
Isaiah Whitehouse Grandson   3 1858 Male       Sutton Coldfield, Warks  
Samuel Whitehouse Grandson   6mths 1860 Male       Sutton Coldfield, Warks  
28th June 1864 Isaiahs mother married Isaac Bentley, we are not sure yet whether he was related to her former partner John Bentley.
1871 Census for 'Encampment of Caravans on Common, Norton Canes, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                       Occupation               
Isaac Bentley                 Head                Married  60        1811      Male       Lichfield, Staffs                  Besom Maker       
Elizabeth Bentley Wife   40 1831 Female Lane End, Staffs          
Charles Bentley Son   28 1843 Male       Mill Green, Staffs  
Sarah Bentley Daughter   16 1855 Female Gloucestershire  
Isaiah Whitehouse Son   14 1857 Male       Gloucestershire  
Abraham Bentley Son   10 1861 Male       Sutton, Warks  
William Bentley Son   8 1863 Male Walsall, Staffs  
Amy Jane Bentley Daughter   2 1869 Female Walsall, Staffs  
We know that a few years later Isaiah met Jane Phillips, who had previously been married to traveller Joseph Stackhouse and had a son William, born in 1876, who in 1881 was living with his father and grandmother on Pelsall Common, indicating that he and Jane had seperated earlier. We have been unable to find Jane on a 1881 census but their is a possible marriage for Isaiah in 1879 in Liverpool. This is the area where Isaiah and Jane had their daughter Christina baptised in 1883.
1881 Census for 'Pelsall Common, Pelsall, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                       Occupation               
Isaac Bentley                 Head                Married  70       1811      Male       Lichfield, Staffs                  Hawker               
Isaiah Bentley Son   24 1857 Male       Gloucestershire Coal Miner
Abraham Bentley Son   12*(22) 1869 Male       Sutton, Warks Coal Miner
William Bentley Son   20 1861 Male Walsall Wood, Staffs Coal Miner
Amy  Bentley Daughter   13 1868 Female Walsall Wood, Staffs Scholar
Thomas Bentley Son   11 1870 Male Birmingham, Warks Scholar
In 1883 Isaiahs daughter Christina was baptised at St Chysostum, near Everton. It looks as though they were about to put Bentley on as the parents surname but then changed it to Stackhouse, enforcing our belief that the possible marriage details may be misleading and they hadn't, in fact, married. We have not been able to find a marriage record confiming both of there names. Isaiah is listed as a Labourer.
1891 Census for 'Stokes Lane, Norton Canes, Staffordshire'
Relationship    Status     Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                       Occupation               
Isaiah Whitehouse       Head                Married  33        1858       Male       Staunton Swan, Gloucs   Coal Miner                
Jane Whitehouse Wife Married 32 1859 Female Norton Canes, Staffs  
Christina Whitehouse Daughter Female 7 1884 Female West Derby, Liverpool  
By 1901, Isaiah is listed as a widower. We have found a possible entry in the indexes for Janes death,  named as Jane Bentley, born about 1860 who died in West Derby, Liverpool in Jan 1901. (There are no other entries that fit as a Whitehouse or Stackhouse). 
Isaiah,43, lived with his daugher, Christina, now 20, and her husband, Henry Taylor,21 , a Coal Miner,  in Stokes Lane, Norton Canes. They had married in 1900 and Isaiah had been present at the wedding in Rushall. They also have a son John Henry (aka Jack) who is 4 months old. Isaiah is working as an Agricultural Labourer.
This census is extra interesting as it shows my own 2nd Great Grandfathers family living a few doors away from my husbands!
1901 Census for 'Stokes Lane, Norton Canes'
Relationship   Status       Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                  
Henry Taylor        Head            Married     21        1880       Male       West Ham, London       Coal Miner - Rock Upper
Christina Taylor   Wife Married 20 1881 Female Liverpool, Lancashire  
John H Taylor Son   4 mths 1901 Male
Norton Canes, Staffs  
Isaiah Whitehouse Father in Law   43 1858 Male Staunton, Glocs Ord Agr Labourer
1903 - Marriage of Isaiah Whitehouse and Alice Smith (registered as Taylor) at St James, Norton Canes, Staffordshire.
1911 Census for 'Stokes Lane, Norton Canes, Staffordshire'
Relationship Status       Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                    Occupation                  
Isiah Whitehouse Head             Married     52        1859       Male       Staunton, Glocs             Waggoner                
Alice Whitehouse Wife Married 54 1857 Female Woodford, Essex  
George Gray Stepson Single 19 1892 Male Nottingham, Notts Pony Driver in Coal Pit
The couple continued their life together in Norton Canes until Alice passed away in 1925, aged 68.

The photo below we believe was taken in 1920's and know it is the Taylor/Whitehouse family. We have yet to work out the different faces on the photo but are pretty sure that the older gentleman in Isaiah and the lady with glasses in the middle row may possibly be Alice . 
In 1939 Isaiah, lived with his grandson, Henry Taylor and Henrys wife, Ivy at 79, Norton East Road, Norton Canes.
1939 Registry for '79 Norton East Road, Norton Canes, Staffordshire '
Status     DOB            Gender    Occupation               
Henry Taylor                 Married  14/04/1903 Male        Colliery Hewer          
Ivy L Taylor Married 08/08/1903 Female Arc Lamp Carbon Finisher
Undisclosed Record        
Undisclosed Record        
Isiah Whitehouse Widow 14/12/1856 Male Retired
Recent photo of 79, Norton East Road,
Norton Canes.
Isaiah sadly passed away in 1941 at the age of 84. His death was registered in Walsall.
We are still trying to find out where Isaiah's buriel took place.