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ID:872 Dorothy 'Doll' Whiting (Terrett) 1921-1992
Lisa's Grandmother
Birth    24 February 1921 Norton Canes, Staffordshire
Death January 1992 Stafford, Staffordshire
24 February 1921 - Birth of  Dorothy Whiting at Norton Canes, Staffordshire.
1939 Registry for '39, Norton Green Lane, Norton Canes, Staffordshire'
DOB              Gender    Condition           Occupation                                  
Arthur E Whiting                        18/05/1896  Male         Married              Colliery Banksman                     
Mary E Whiting 07/10/1896 Female Married Unpaid Domestic Duties
Alan D Whiting 15/04/1919 Male Single Brickyard Quarry Worker
Dorothy Whiting 24/02/1927 Female Single
Factory Worker (Heavy)
Joan Whiting 25/08/1924 Female Single Factory Worker
Joyce Whiting (Undisclosed)   Female    
Summer 1942 - Marriage of Edward Charles Terrett and Dorothy Whiting at Cannock, Staffordshire.
January 1992 - Death of Dorothy Terrett at Stafford, Staffordshire.