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Updated: 19/11/20
ID:934 Frederick Mears 1874–
Gaz’s 3rd Great Uncle
Birth    1874 Norton Canes, Staffordshire,
Death YOD Place of Death
1881 Census for 'Cannock, Staffordshire'
Relationship Status    Age     Est YOB Gender   Birth County                        Occupation               
James Mears         Head               Married 43 1838       Male        Brewood, Staffs                       Coal Miner
Sarah Mears Wife Married 44 1837 Female Brewood, Staffs                      
Thomas Mears Son   21 1860 Male Brewood, Staffs                       Coal Miner
Mary Ann Mears Daughter   19 1862 Female Brewood, Staffs                       Laundress
William Mears Son   17 1864 Male Brewood, Staffs                       Lamp Cleaner
Arthur Mears Son   15 1866 Male Brewood, Staffs                       Painter
James Mears Son   14 1867 Male Brewood, Staffs                       Groom
Meredith Mears Son   12 1869 Male Norton Canes, Staffs Scholar
Joseph Mears Son   11 1870 Male Norton Canes, Staffs  
Frederick Mears Son   7 1874 Male Norton Canes, Staffs  
Prescilla Mears Daughter   5 1876 Female Hednesford, Staffs  
Bertha Mears Daughter   3 1878 Female Hednesford, Staffs  
October 1890- Death of father, James Mears at who was buried at St Peters, Hednesford, Staffordshire on 8th October 1890