Greatrix-Thacker Family Tree Website
Greatrix-Thacker Family Tree Websit
This website is an online reference for the family tree of my own and my husband’s family tree. It is a work in progress with many links, lives and questions still to be discovered and answered. 
I joined and got the basic starts and documents from there but soon realised it was so easy to follow false hints on there and go completely off track if you didn’t triple check the information, and I really wanted to ensure we were following the true lines (as much as anyone can ever be sure!) This was particularly crucial when I found ancestors that were gypsies/travellers and the complexities that come with that. There is also a strong military background in my husband’s family and a link to Ireland in my own. 
The site is, as said, a continual work in progress and I hope to add many more features over the weeks, months and years to come. I hope anyone who has come across it whilst searching their own family tree will be able to gain some information from what I have collected so far and if you can help with any of the questions you come across within the site, please do get in touch with me at, and if we happen to share any part of our ancestry we’d love to hear from you! 
For data protection reasons we have only included very basic details (already freely available in the public domain) of those relatives still living, except where we have their consent to add more details. 
Lisa & Gaz, Rugeley, Staffordshire