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Family Tree

It’s taken a lot of attempts to find the best way to display our family trees! Many became over-complicated or over-simplified!
There is a whole warren of rabbit holes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd cousin but I have now settled on showing uncles & aunts under the ‘siblings’ headings on the trees whose branches can be explored through their own profile links or through the people index pages.

One or two things to note (…in case you thought they were errors!):
- I am adding the profile links in as I check pages so please bear with me!
- I and my husband Gareth share  4th great grandparents in John Craddock & Honor Horton
- My 4th great grandmother Ann Poyser is also my 3rd Great Aunt depending on who you are looking at on the tree!
- There are also a number of ‘in-laws’ etc who married later in their lives


Lisa Michelle Thacker 1968-L ID:804
Born: Norton Canes, Staffordshire
 Linda Julie Thacker 1964-L ID:803


Gareth Roy Leonard Gordon Greatrix 1972-L ID:280
Born: Sutton Coldfield, Warwckshire
Tracey Ann Greatrix 1968-L ID:287

Lisa’s Paternal Tree

Lisa’s Maternal Tree


Under construction

Under construction